Welcome to My Wellness Buddy® (MWB)



Patent‐pending My Wellness Buddy® (MWB) is a virtual personal dietician and lifestyle coach that guides users towards reaching and maintaining their healthy weight goals without sacrificing consuming favorite foods or missing essential macronutrients and micronutrients. MWB determines each individual’s optimum energy and nutrient needs, learns about favorite and disliked foods and activities, recommends personalized balanced meals and activities, tracks and reports
actual food consumed and activities performed, and rebalances energy and nutrient budgets in real time by dynamically
updating the user’s food and activity recommendations.



While MWB is first introduced to a user at a medical/wellness office, spa, gym or other related offices, it can subsequently be accessed by users at any time and anywhere on any familiar internet-­-connected device such as a computer, tablet, automobile, smart TV or Smartphone, giving them access to a virtual personal dietician while at home, at work, while traveling…


MWB not only saves users significant time and money vs. scheduling and meeting/talking to dieticians, it provides for a new potential revenue stream for the medical/wellness office, spa, gym…

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